Saturday, July 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Tiara

K, so today we had a birthday party for our youngest daughter, Tiara. Her birthday was actually July 10, but this was the soonest both the friends she wanted to invite (she's a very picky girl) were free. She decided to keep it low-key and have us go to the Build-A-Bear Workshop. Even though I had never been there, I thought this was the perfect place for an 8 year old to have her birthday. It's so cute in there. I wish they had one of these when I was a little girl. So we had 3 little girls walking around giggling and picking out pink these and purple those. Our other daughters were there, but they're older so they wanted nothing to do with this stuffed animal business. Our 13 year old was supposed to be the photographer, (dad usually is, but he had to work) but found taking pictures of herself so much more interesting. And our 9 year old is just not a Build-A-Bear kind of girl. My mom met us there and did the carrying around of the extra stuff that good grandmas do. Little, red cheerleading bows that won't stay on the fuzzy, pink kitty ears and a foam pennant and bullhorn that just don't fit when you've already got pom-poms on each of kitty's arms. Always one for thinking smack dab in the middle of the box, she named her new pink friend 'Kitty'.

My girlfriend Dana came along, too. She was my directions because I am map-impaired. Sure, you can get directions online, but those darn things never account for construction, road closures and just plain bad luck that I tend to run into when I'm going somewhere new for the first time. My family likes to make fun of me for things like this. Dana is also the mom of Tiara's best friend, Kayla, who decided to go with a cute brown bunny. Dana is also the one who got me into stamping, which is the reason I started my blog in the first place. I'll have to get around to discussing that one of these days.

All in all, today was pretty fun. After we got our fill of stuffed animals, we came back to our house for lunch, a little swim and, of course, cake. Cake is always my favorite part of birthdays. Everyone knows that mom gets a corner piece with lots of frosting. In fact, we did the whole cake thing even tho none of the girls wanted cake because they were still full from lunch. I knew this. But, if we did the singing & candles part, then I could eat the cake while they went & played for a while. I know this is sad, but I'm ok with that. This is also something that my family teases me about. But I'm ok with that, too.
On a final note, this is, sadly, the only usable picture of the day. And I took it. Our 13 year old has been fired as our photographer. We just can't ever have any kind of birthday stuff without daddy again. And now I've got to go to bed, because I'm coming down from my sugar high, and it's not pretty.

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