Saturday, January 31, 2009


Huh? Ok, for those of you that don't know {mom, aunt brenda}, that is the name of a challenge. Splitcoaststampers (an online forum for those of us addicted to stamping and all shtuff related to stamping) has these different kinds of challenges everyday. They have you do different color combinations and layouts and things like that. Well, today I was checking them out and saw one that was made for me. It's a Limited Supplies challenge and it is, drumroll please, CAS {<---clicky if you wanna peruse the gallery}. That means clean and simple. That's me! In life (ah, i am but a simple girl...) and in the stamping world. Woohoo! The perfect challenge for me. So I did it and uploaded it and got comments on it. From cool stamping people. From stamping superstars. It's very, very good for one's self esteem, these challenges. I think I'm going to do more. Some of the color ones just aren't for me. They just had one where you had to use a bright blue, green and orange. Ok, now you guys know that orange scares me, so I had to pass on that one. But should they do that pink, black & white again, I'm all over it.

Stamps: Recipe Label Box & Simple Little Things (PTI), Ink: Versafine Onyx Black, Paper: Vintage Cream, Aqua Mist (PTI), Basic Black (SU!), Accessories: Primas, Dew Drop, Black Satin Ribbon, Jolee's Swarovski crystals

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Last One, I Swear...

Well, at least for awhile. I made this one and couldn't very well NOT post it, right? This is the card that Darien asked me to make for her friend at school. Ugh. A teenager? You just never know with them. Plus, I don't know this girl or what she likes. Darien said keep it simple, no big deal, but to use Alice. So, I used Alice and thought I'd go for black. I find black to be a safe choice when dealing with teenagers. And I hadn't used pink with Alice yet, so I thought I'd try it here. So, Darien gave her the card on Friday and she loved it. Yay! I love when things work out, cuz so often they just don't.

Oh, yeah. I don't want to jinx things, but I think the flu is on it's way out of our house. Knock on wood! Shawn (so far) is the only one who got hit by it, and I really hope it stays that way. I did manage to get a yucky cold (must be from all the times I ran out to get him stuff he was just "wondering if we had..."), but since I'm not a guy, I think I can continue on with my life without thinking I'm going to die. HA! Sorry, honey, I just had to throw that one in there. Arrrggghhh! So now I'm really exhausted, but I saved up just enough energy to put this up just for you guys. You're welcome!

Stamps: Wonderland (The Greeting Farm), Out on a Limb (PTI), You Say It's Your Birthday (The Cat's Pajamas), Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black, Versafine Onyx Black, Pink Pirouette (SU!), Paper: PTI white, Basic Black & Raspberry Tart DSP (SU!), Accessories: Punches & Copics: B000, B24, E00, N1, R000, R81, RV06, RV10, Y06, Y11, Black

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Love That Alice

Well, don't say I didn't warn you. I said I love this set and here's card #2 to prove it. I had to put that cutie Mad Hatter in there just so you could see him. I didn't realize until I was putting the card together that he's smaller than Alice, so it feels unbalanced to me. I know, I know, that's just me being neurotic and nobody else probably even noticed until I said something. I hope this isn't one of those times where it wasn't gonna bother you until I pointed it out, and now it's gonna drive you just as crazy as me...or is it just me? Yeah, thought so.

Anyway, I want to take this moment to let everyone know I had a great birthday. And, my husband, sweetie that he is, waited until the day after my birthday to get the flu. Again. Hasn't even been a year since the last time he had it. Which is weird, cuz he doesn't usually get sick. We can all come down with something and there he is, healthy as a horse. So, isn't he great for waiting? Anyhooo, should my blog get stale after a couple of days, it's probably because it's hit me. Or worse, hit one or more of the girls, and I've become super delirious from taking care of a not-great-sick-person and moany groany flu-y girls. Oh, please, cross your fingers for me on this one!

Stamps: Wonderland (The Greeting Farm), Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black, Creamy Caramel, Paper: PTI white, Creamy Caramel & Basic Black (SU!), Accessories: Candy Dots (Pebbles, Inc.), Copics: B000, B24, E00, E11, E13, E15, E21, E33, E41, E55, G40, N1, N5, N7, R000, R83, W5, Y000, Y06, Y11, YG63, YR31

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ooh! I'm 36!

Ok. Lemme explain what's going on here. Today is my birthday. I wasn't going to post anything, cuz, if you know me, you know I like to pace myself. I can't post things days in a row, cuz then I'd have a dry spell and you guys would have to wait weeks before I could get something new up. So I'm posting this because 1) I knew I'd get crap for not having a new post so people could tell me *Happy Birthday* and 2) I love to share embarrassing stories about myself. Who doesn't?

So this morning, I had Darien with me at the elementary school, because she starts school late this week. She loves to go visit her old teachers. She went to her first grade teacher's classroom, who was also Krista & Tiara's first grade teacher. We LOVE this woman. She seriously is one of the sweetest people on the planet. So we were visiting, while she should have been starting her class. Then Darien blurts out, "It's my mom's birthday!" So the teacher goes, "Oooh, how nice. Oh, we should sing." So, if you know her, you can totally hear her say this, "Ok, friends. This is Mint and today is her birthday. So, we're gonna sing to her." So, they did. And then she made me this lovely crown. Yes, I wore my crown today and I have to say, I will cherish it forever. Thank you Mrs. K! And thank you to everyone who already wished me a Happy Birthday today.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How Wonderful

Does she look familiar? Yep, this is the Greeting Farm's (formerly known as Pink Poison) take on Alice in Wonderland. I am so in love with this set it's ridiculous. I just love the way she's drawn. And those eyes! I didn't want poor Alice to just be standing there all by her lonesome, so I added the mushrooms for her to stand with. All that's missing are the Cheshire Cat and that goofy smoking caterpillar. Is that really appropriate, Disney? Really? And just what was he smoking? Mmmhmm. I realize this movie is old and people didn't think about that stuff back then, but come on. And I just love, "Whoooooo aaare youuu?" Oh well. They only have Alice & a really cute version of the Mad Hatter. Not really lookin' all that mad. I'm still working on that card. Oh, they have a rabbit, too, but I'm gonna need some time before I can get a white (!) rabbit done. This set is so cute, Darien asked me to make a birthday card using Alice for one of her friends. And I have all the way til Friday before she needs it. Aww. Aren't kids great?

Stamps: Wonderland (The Greeting Farm), Piece of Cake (PTI), Ink: Bashful Blue (SU!), Versafine Onyx Black, Paper: PTI white, Bashful Blue (SU!), Accessories: Dew drops, Copics: B000, B24, BV13, BV31, E11, E21, E33, E44, E51, G20, N1, N5, R20, R81, Y11, YG63

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lily the Fairy

I don't think I really need to tell you guys how much I love Lily. She's just awesome to color and put on cards. And she makes me smile - EVERY time. This is a digital image of Lily that I got from the Pink Cat Studio Blog. About 2 weeks ago, Melissa was having a contest with this faboo Lily image. I just printed out the image and made this card. Well, not JUST. I colored 3 images before I was happy with my colors, then I had to decide if I wanted a circle, square or what shape, then how many layers and which paper should I have. Phew. Then, embellishments. Hmmmm. I did just happen to order some dew drops that I thought would be perfect, but they didn't get here in time, so I had to run to Michael's to find something and it's a good thing I did, cuz the dew drops were not the right color green. *sigh* Finally. And, no, I didn't win, (which irritates my mom to no end. please, don't get her started) but I'm just so glad that I got this image to play with. And Melissa had so much fun drawing Lily as a fairy that she's making a whole Lily the Fairy set! Yes, way! Now, you guys know you will soo be the first to know when I get it. Cuz of course, I will be getting it.

Stamps: Birthday Surprise (Verve), Ink: Certainly Celery, Versafine Onyx Black, Paper: PTI white, Certainly Celery & Flowers for You DSP (SU!), Accessories: Digi Image of Lily (Pink Cat Studio), Nestabilities, scallop scissors, flower beads (Bead Heaven), Certainly Celery ribbon (SU!), Copics: BV13, BV31, E13, E15, E51, G20, G28, G40, R20

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Simple Elegance

Ok, before we get to all the details, I have to first say Super Fantabulous Happy Birthday to my Aunt Brenda. She's the bestest aunt ever. Wanna know why? First, because she comes here & comments on every single card I post, and you would think after a while, she'd run out of stuff to say. But no, she's an awesome cheerleader. Right up there with my mom, who happens to be her sister. But that's neither here nor there. And also, because for Christmas, she made me my very own quilt and it's fabulous. It's a really big deal cuz she made baby blankets for all my girls and pretty much everybody else, and I didn't have one. And I felt so left out. But then, surprise! I got mine and I'm sure it's way better than the ones she made for everyone else. Cuz we got it like that! So Happy Birthday Aunt Brenda!

Ok, so let's get to it. See, I get all those crazy ads & flyers in the mail, like pretty much everybody else. And in those flyers, I get the Michael's ads with the coupon. Well, for some reason, my mom doesn't get the Michael's ads. (I think her mailman secretly doesn't like her. I know a conspiracy when I smell one a mile away.) Anyway, this week, they had this weird *15% off Fine Art Supplies* coupon. Ok, now I may love the things I make, but they, by no means, are considered "Fine Art". Well, it just so happens that my mom paints. Fabulous paintings. Horses. Unbelievable stuff. Don't believe me? Well, have a look-see. {Oh, surprise, mom. I didn't actually know I was going to do this, or I woulda warned ya.}

This is one of my favorites. Anyway, the point is, THIS is "Fine Art" stuff that uses "Fine Art Supplies". Ok, now. My mom lives about 45 minutes away. Not that big of a deal, but trust me when I say, my schedule is ridiculous. Getting out there before Saturday is not as easy as one would think. So, I thought it would be easier if I just mailed the coupon to her. But I couldn't just stick it in an envelope and mail it. That would be lame. So, I whipped up a card and stuck it in there and here we are. Phew! And she will actually use it, cuz she's runnin' low on paint. Yay! Not yay that she's running out of paint, but yay, what good timing! Oh, and feel free to comment on the painting. I am aware that it's awesome and I don't mind at all.

Stamps: Dream a Little & Best Yet (SU!), Ink: Certainly Celery, Regal Rose, Pretty in Pink (SU!), Versafine Onyx Black, Paper: Watercolor paper, Sweet Blush (PTI), Accessories: Sweet Blush ribbon (PTI)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Wow That's Bright!

K, I really thought I was going to stop posting cards I wasn't 100% positively crazy about. But then Krista (!) walked in and looked at this card and said, "oooh, i really like that one, mom." K, you have to understand, Krista doesn't 'really like' anything. Everything is 'eh' or 'okay. whatever'. And it's not just cuz she's 11. That's just Krista. I looked at her in shock and said, "really? cuz i think that blue is a little...much." And she said, "the blue is what makes it." Ok, I'm not sure where this child came from or when she decided that colors other than green, black or brown were ok, OR that anything 'makes it'. But at heart, she IS an artist and I guess when she sees something that speaks to her, she's gonna let you know. I, however, wasn't crazy about this card and tried to do it over in pink, and that was even less successful than this version. This card has had a reverse effect on me, tho. Usually I'm not as in love with a card after looking at it for a few days. With this one, it's growing on me. Go figure.

Stamps: You Say It's Your Birthday (The Cat's Pajamas), Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black & Versafine Onyx Black, Cool Caribbean (SU!), Paper: PTI white, Tempting Turquoise & Basic Black (SU!), Accessories: Making Memories brads, circle & scallop punches (SU!), Copics: BG000, BG01, BG05, Y38

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Well, It Looks Simple

You wouldn't believe how long it took me to make this simple card. You would think something like this could just be whipped out and slapped together. And for normal people, that's probably the case. But for an obsessive, perfection chasing nutjob like myself, things like this can take a while. And when I'm done, I can sit back, relax and say...'hey, is that crooked?' Yes, I actually did that. But then I thought, 'well, I usually take crooked pictures, so no one will ever notice.' And then, wouldn't you know it, I took a straight picture. Whatever. It still looks pretty good. Although, I have to say, since I've been using Picasa, I've been able to straighten out my crooked pictures. Yaaaay Google! In case you don't already know, Picasa is the FREE photo editing program that's so easy, I (me!) figured it out all by myself. I'm just so impressed when I can do something without asking Shawn how to do it. And even then, I usually give up and just have him do it for me. I'd love to be all fancy pants like my genius brother and have Photoshop memorized, but alas, that is not me. I'm just glad I figured out how to do a watermark. And, yeah, I know the watermark goes ON the card, not UNDER it. But I have to build up to actually putting stuff ON my precious cards.

Birthday Basics (PTI), You Say It's Your Birthday (The Cat's Pajamas), Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black, Versafine Onyx Black, Pink Pirouette (SU!), Paper: PTI white, Basic Black (SU!), Accessories: Copics: RV000, R81, R83, G20, YR04, YR31

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone. I'm really glad that 2008 is over and here's hoping that 2009 is better for everybody. Now, on to the card. How about that color? This green is called Kiwi Kiss for those who don't know. When it was first sneak peeked (peeked? poke? puck? whatever, it's my blog), people hated this color. They even tried giving it funny names, keeping with the SU! alliteration theme. Baby Barf, Peas Puree and my favorite, Very Vomit. And I have to say that when I first saw all of the new in-colors, I wasn't too thrilled. I remember thinking to myself, 'oh, surely we can do better than that.' I do remember loving Pink Pirouette right away. I wasn't crazy about Baja Breeze, and we all know how that turned out ( So now, after my first time using Kiwi Kiss, I have to say, I like it. It's a very strange color, but I discovered that a lot of colors go with it. And that horrible sin of sins (in my book, anyway), I really like red with it. See? Still growing. I do have to say, tho, that I still don't like orange no matter what. Orange just scares me. Ok, baby steps on that whole growing thing.

Stamps: Dream a Little (SU!), Fairy Tales (Verve), Ink: Versafine Onyx Black, Memento Tuxedo Black, Kiwi Kiss (SU!), Paper: PTI white, Kiwi Kiss, Basic Black & Raspberry Tart DSP (SU!), Accessories: Nestabilities, Copics: R27, R29, R59


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