Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wishing for Showers

Man, has it been hot! I don't know about you, but summer has hit us here and it's ugly. There's just really no point in having the temperature be over 100 degrees. What is the point of that?! Yuck. I'm trying to keep the running around in the heat to a minimum. Darien is working at the elementary school again this summer, but this year it's only two days a week, which isn't too bad. The other girls don't have regularly scheduled happenings, so that really helps. We thought we'd go to the city to get a break from the heat. Well, even during a heat wave, the city can be quite warm. And even though it was warm in the city (for the city, anyway) 80 degrees beats 107 any day. So while I'm trying to stay nice and cooool, I figure, what's better than stamping? Well, other than playing referee to your bored and bickering kids.
So this is me playing with Scattered Showers. This set is so cute. It was (again!) one of those deals where it's sooo cute, but what would I do with it? Aw, heck. Why worry about such trivial things? So I made a birthday card. If you click it (figures crossed), it should get bigger and you can see the little pearls I put inside the flowers and along the bottom. They were plain ol' white, but I colored them with my Copics to match the ocean tides cardstock. Pretty cool, huh? *i heart my copics!*

This is one of the cards Miss Rachel got in her care package o' cards. I think. Yeah, I sent her this one. It started out completely different and ended up like this. But I made it so long ago, I don't really remember the details. But I do like how it turned out. Oh, I know. I think it was gonna be a tag, like for a gift bag, for some kind of shower. And then I thought she would think I was completely off my rocker, so I turned it into a real card. Yes, that's what happened. Riveting, I know. Anyway, a nice, cool, rain shower sounds so nice right about now. But no. We've got 'burn your feet with no shoes on heat'. And even though it brings school and a crazy hectic schedule, fall just can't come soon enough for me. Well, ok, fall weather.

Stamps: Scattered Showers (PTI), Ink: Versafine Onyx Black, Ocean Tides (PTI), Paper: PTI white, Ocean Tides & Lemon Tart, Basic Black (SU!), Accessories: Ocean Tides satin ribbon, Lemon Tart satin ribbon & button (PTI), pearls, Copics: BG72, Y06 & Y02

Friday, June 26, 2009

Dem Flannel Lookin' Cards

Ok, before you guys jump all over me about how these cards are not "that bad" and "great guy cards", let's just pretend that you are me for a moment, k? I had a vision. I had a picture in my head. Only, my picture was blurry. I could see the stamp clearly. Everything else, not so much. This was the stamp. I love this stamp. When I go to Michael's, I basically walk in the door with very low expectations, because our Michael's never has new stuff. They have had the same original Cuttlebug embossing folders since the Cuttlebug came out. And that's pretty much it. And the Cuttlebug has been out for what, 10 years now? What's that you say? It's only been 3 years? Huh. Ok. Well, they haven't had any new ones in, like, two years then. That's not a good thing. So anyway, I was moseying with no particular purpose down the stamp aisle and saw this stamp. It's almost like a stamp collage I sometimes put together for my cards. Only it's already done for you! I love that. So I got it. And had big plans to use it. Yeah, I had plans. But somewhere along the way, I got sidetracked. Lost, if you will. I'm just not sure what happened. The main focus was there and the background was nonexistent. What should I do, what should I do? I'll make a background. Mmmhmm. Exhibit A.

And I liked it. I did. And do. It's not as jazzy (i know. hip lingo, eh?) as I had in mind, but it looks like it's for a guy, right? Right. So, I'm taking my double line strip stamp and stamping out my background. Oh, yeah. Look who's doin' it. And I get to the very last one and missed. I thought I could line it up. I was wrong. It totally smudged. Which I totally thought added to the ruggedness of the card (just go with me, people). I thought (and this is totally selfish on my part) "good enough, he'll never notice", put it together and sent it on its merry way. Ok, if it were for someone who was gonna really look at it and analyze it and love it to pieces {mom} I woulda totally done it over. But it wasn't. Plus, I was really trying to work on my tendency to make everything perfect. You people are the ones telling me I'm too hard on myself and to relax. This is me relaxing. Good enough.

Alrighty, here we have exhibit B. I figured this time I would just skip the whole "let's make a background!" insanity and use some handy dandy patterned paper. And again, I like it. I kept them both simple and masculine. The problem is, I make these cards and take pictures of them and then look at them next to pictures of my pretty, pink, nonflannel, sleeping bag reminiscent cards and go "ugh". So, to clarify, I do not hate these cards. I just mentioned them and you silly people asked to see them. That'll teach ya.

On a final note, I just had to touch on Michael Jackson's passing. I was shocked to hear this news, which came across as I was writing this post. He was such a huge part of my growing up. Who didn't record (on a vcr!) the video for "Thriller" when it came out? And then play it over & over until you knew all the moves? I still know that video by heart. I remember a friend I had in high school who was obsessed (and I mean obsessed!) with Michael Jackson. The day the video for "Bad" came out, we left school and went around the corner to my house (i'm sure it was lunch time, mom!) to watch it. He was soooo excited. Michael Jackson was such a big influence on so many people. No matter what he went through in his later years, he was a musical genius and an amazing entertainer and I hope to remember him like that.

Stamps: Make a Wish Message (Hero Arts), Faux Ribbon (PTI), Ink: Soft Suede (SU!), Versamark, Paper: Vintage Cream (PTI), Soft Suede, Baja Breeze & Parisian Breeze DSP (SU!)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day

So, for Father's Day, I found this thing online where they were having "live museum day" at the USS Hornet Museum. Shawn loves all that kind of stuff, so we surprised him and took him. It's this lovely aircraft carrier that you see in the picture above. Yeah, we had some grumbling, but I told them to cork it cuz we're doin' it for dad! And they did. For the most part, anyway. FYI: The USS Hornet was the prime recovery ship for Apollo 11. In other words, when those guys splashed down, this was the ship that picked them up. Pretty cool.
Here's Shawn in the cockpit of some flying thing. I don't know. A jet? Hey, I wasn't taking notes! Just think Top Gun. It's something he's always wanted to do. Now all he has to do is actually fly a plane and his life will be complete!

Shawn & his girls in front of this jet/plane thing. I'm not sure what makes something a jet & something a plane. Size? Can you tell this day was all about him & I knew nothing about what was going on? Doesn't matter. He still loved it. Let's just be glad I remembered to bring the camera.

Just to prove I was there, here's me & the girls. I won't even try to describe what we're standing in front of. Actually, it's more of a helicopter. You know, those big ones? Yeah, one of those. So, that was our day. It was actually more interesting than I make it sound. I just know more about cardstock and ink than I do about military vehicles. Limited knowledge, limited descriptions.

I'll be back before you know it with some cards. Now that's something I know about!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Ok, I'm gonna admit it, right here, right now. I totally and completely, 100% blanked. June is just my 'what the heck?' month. What's my least favorite card to make? That's right, cards for guys. And what's in June? Oh, you have no idea. Yes, Father's Day is in June, but so are Shawn's dad's and 2 brothers' birthdays. (yikes! don't even say anything about the grammar/sentence structure/use of apostrophes in that sentence cuz you know what i was trying to say! and if, by some miracle, it's right - nevermind) And all those birthdays are a week apart. One is today, and then Father's Day is tomorrow. My mind is just bent over all this. And I think I did start out with the idea that they were all gonna get the same card. But for some reason it didn't happen that way. I'm not sure where I went wrong. I think I thought I could improve on the first one and then something, something...I have no idea. So, when it came to Father's Day, this was all I had left. Don't get me wrong. I like this card. I like it more than the birthday cards these poor guys got. And then I justified it by thinking, do guys really care? Naaahhh. Aren't they just amazed that someone remembered them? I say yes. And simple/classic is way more my style than the flannel sleeping bag inspired cards they got for their birthdays. *shudder* Sorry, guys. And Happy Father's Day!

Stamps: Simply Stationery & Father Knows Best (PTI), Ink: Versafine Onyx Black, Paper: white & Smokey Shadow (PTI), Accessory: Nestabilities

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Green Tea

Ok, so I guess being on summer vacation (and I use the word vacation loosely) has me all confused. I keep forgetting what day it is and keep losing track of when I'm supposed to blog. But check out that title. Huh, huh? Yeah, I've still got some wits about me. Green tea, get it? Man, when the girl's on fire, she's on fi-yah! Or not. Anyway, how much do you love this card? Yeah, the best ones always have some kinda story behind them. I made this one weeks ago, so the details are a little fuzzy, but I do remember having 3 of these images just sitting on my desk by the time I actually got the card finished. The first one, I cut too wide so it wouldn't fit on my base. And it had to have all those layers. The second one, I forgot to leave enough green cardstock at the bottom for the ribbon. Darien was laughing at my frustration at this point. That memory is clear as day. But sure enough, third time was the charm and I got this thing done. Yay me! And this card is one in a set that I sent to Rachel, the self-proclaimed tea snob. She loved that first tea card I made so much, I made her her own version of it, and a variety of other cards, including this one. I hope she loves worships likes it as much as I do.

Stamps: Tea for Two (PTI), Ink: Versafine Onyx Black, Paper: PTI white, Wild Wasabi & Basic Black (SU!), Accessories: black satin ribbon (PTI), Copics:

Saturday, June 13, 2009

More Chocolate!

Ok, school's finally out for us, so these are the last of the tins. I swear. Well, for now. You know they've become my signature Christmas gift, but we've still got some time before all that starts up again. Anyway, I thought I'd put these tins up because 1) they're different than the last ones, 2) they showcase the new SU! In Colors and 3) they're prettied up chocolate. C'mon, do we really need numbers 1 & 2? I think not. Ok, so the first one up there is the new color Melon Mambo. It's pretty close (imo) to PTI's Raspberry Fizz, which, if you've been paying attention, you know I LOVE. And yes, they came out with markers for this year's In Colors, but I'm not a SU! marker kinda girl. You probably also know that I love me some Copics. So, that's what I used to color my ribbons to match. The color I used for Melon Mambo is RV19.

This is the new color Bermuda Bay. Yep, I love this one, too. Kinda wacky. I didn't really think I was gonna "love" the new colors like I kept hearing, but I do. They are fun & bright. Not the most original colors I've ever laid eyes on, but I've loved using them so far. And the Copic I used for this one is BG13.

And finally, this is Rich Razzleberry. Even if I didn't really like the color (which I do!), I love the name. Razzleberry. So fun to say. It's more purple-y than the picture shows, but you know me & my picture takin' skills. Sad. Very sad. Leaves so much to be desired. One day I'll have to work on that. Ha! You should see my pictures before I edit them in Picasa. *shudder* Anyway, I had to use 2 Copics to get the color I wanted for this ribbon. I used RV19 and V06.

Stamps: Spiral Bouquet, Guide Lines, Wedding Day & Simple Little Things (PTI), Ink: Versafine Onyx Black, Bermuda Bay, Rich Razzleberry & Melon Mambo (SU!), Paper: Avery labels, Bermuda Bay, Rich Razzleberry & Melon Mambo (SU!), Accessories: tins, eyelets, Mike's organdy ribbon, Nestabilities

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Goodbye Tins

Yep, it's the return of the tins. I can't help it. They're so easy & neat & filled with chocolate. That chocolate part just can't be beat. Plus, I still have a gajillion of them left. This time, tho, they're for some people that are leaving the elementary school. My buddy Bree is moving waaaay across the country, so I thought I'd give her some nuggets as a parting gift. And a super good luck to her. But now who's gonna tell random stories that make everybody crack up? (the one with the crossing guard still makes me giggle) Ugh! And then Ms. R is leaving us and is just going across town, but still. She did us an awesome favor a couple of years ago and I'm still appreciating that one. And, somehow, she didn't get a tin from me this year for Christmas (and was sure to let me know it!) so I thought it was only right to give her one as her good bye gift. She told me that she loved the one she got last year so much that she still hadn't opened it. Ok, ew. (and she's not the only one to tell me that. what?! people, eat the stinkin' candy!) Ok, well, don't eat it now. So, with the new tin, take a picture of it, then bust that bad boy open! It is to be enjoyed, not stared at. Wacky! Anyway, I'm gonna miss you ladies. Good luck and let us know how you're doing. And like that, the school year's over. Have a great summer! {yeah, i'm not going anywhere. i'll be here posting all summer. i just thought that was a good way to end my post. see ya in a coupla days}

Stamps: Best Yet (SU!), Damask Designs & Faux Ribbon (PTI), Ink: Pink Pirouette, Chocolate Chip & Soft Sky (SU!), Versamark, Paper: Pink Pirouette, Close to Cocoa & Chocolate Chip (SU!), Ocean Tides (PTI), Avery labels, Accessories: Nestabilities, Ocean Tides satin ribbon & Sweet Blush grosgrain ribbon (PTI), Hershey nuggets & tins (Specialty Bottle)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Class of 2009

Ok, here is the graduation card that I sent out this year. My first graduation card (I think), and yet, it seemed like everyone was graduating all at once! I sent out a whopping 5 cards to people all over the place by the time I was done. My sister Ashley is graduating from high school today in Las Vegas, and I am so very proud of her. She was at my high school graduation in 1990, but she was in my stepmom's tummy. Ack! Doesn't make me feel old at all. My niece Tomika graduated this week and is now off to start a new life in North Dakota. Yeah, she isn't the biggest fan of winters, so let's all wish her mucho luck with that one. My cousin Jordan is graduating from high school (also today) in Michigan, and I believe he's going to go to school pretty close to home. Am I remembering that right? {aunt brenda, feel free to correct me if i'm wrong} Shawn's godson Eugene (yeah, he's that old! teehee) graduated in San Francisco last week. Let me tell you, his momma did a good job with that one! And finally, Darien's good friend from ballet, Rebekah, graduates (also!) today. Congratulations Rebekah! And there you have it. A whole bunch of stuff that has nothing to do with me, but is quite exciting, nonetheless. I love graduation. It's a fresh start. It's the end of a really big part of your life, but a whole new beginning of everything else still to come. Good luck to all you graduates out there!

Stamps: Graduation set (Michael's), Scattered Showers & Ambassador Monogram Edition (sentiment & 2009, PTI), Ink: Versafine Onyx Black, Paper: Smokey Shadow & white (PTI), Going Gray & Basic Black (SU!), Accessories: Nestabilities, clear embossing powder, silver flat back pearl thingies (& pearls for the girls), Copics:

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bright Birthday

Happy June! I know, where in the heck have I been? Well, I've been busy. I've got 3 kids, ya know. And only 1 more week of school to go. Oh, yeah! And sure, I say this now, but I can't wait to be done. Yeah, I know, I know, after about a week of them being home and 3 "I'm bored"s, I'll be wondering how long it is until they go back to school. Wondering why I was excited for them to be home all day, thinking I'm the entertainment committee. I have this same torn feeling every year. Don't get me wrong - I am glad to have my girls home and to be able to be home myself to spend time with them - most of the time. But there are times when the constant teasing and fighting, whining of boredom, lazing about and just plain ol' abundance of estrogen kinda works on the nerves. Again, poor Shawn. So for now, I'm enjoying the prospect of a great, relaxing summer. I'll be sure to let ya know how that's going by the beginning of July. In the meantime, enjoy this bright & summery card.

Smells Like Cake & You Say It's Your Birthday (The Cat's Pajamas), Polka Dot Basics (PTI), Ink: Versafine Onyx Black, Pure Poppy & Lemon Tart, Prussian Blue Palette (PTI), Paper: Pure Poppy & White (PTI), Brilliant Blue (SU!), Accessories: Nestabilities, Stickles & Copics:


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