Saturday, October 11, 2008

All Together Now

Ok, I know this is kinda like cheating, posting crap you've already seen before. But I haven't sat at my desk for over a week, *gasp, i know!* and I haven't made one single new thing. So I thought I'd throw a picture of all my Christmas cards up there for you guys, just so you'd have something new to look at while I get to work. This is almost all 50 cards. I found like, 4 or 5 extras just lying around after I took the picture and put them back in their super-special, high- security containers (gallon baggies). I have no idea how they came to be all over my office, but they were, naughty little things. Anyway, here they are, real exciting, I know. Hmm, I feel like I'm forgetting to tell you guys something. It's been a busy week, but nothing outrageous. Let's see, book fair, tons of homework, constant running around, new ankle braces & giant band aids (2 different kids - ugh!), volleyball game...Ah, there was one thing at the game. Right after Darien scored the winning point in the 3rd, hard fought game (not to single her out, cuz the whole team played so very well, but that one part just made me dizzy with glee), I about lost my mind and stood up and yelled, "That's my baby!" Yeah, kinda over the top, I guess, especially when people started applauding me and my super birthing skills. Why, thank you. Thank goodness she missed that part! I think I read somewhere that it is actually possible to die of embarrassment. Maybe not. I'll have to look that one up. Anyhoo, you're now all caught up. Riveting stuff, I know. K, I'm off to create (hopefully). Enjoy your weekend.

Supplies: My lovely desk and a bunch of previously listed stuff!


Anonymous said...

Wow. That's a lotta cards. Glad you got them all locked up now so they can't run amok in the middle of the night. And where did you learn those super birthing skills? Oh, yeah, from someone who also didn't do too shabby in that arena. Gosh darn it, I just hurt my shoulder from patting myself on the back.
Bestest Mom Ever

Stephanie said...

love it, I hope this week is better.


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