Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ooh! I'm 36!

Ok. Lemme explain what's going on here. Today is my birthday. I wasn't going to post anything, cuz, if you know me, you know I like to pace myself. I can't post things days in a row, cuz then I'd have a dry spell and you guys would have to wait weeks before I could get something new up. So I'm posting this because 1) I knew I'd get crap for not having a new post so people could tell me *Happy Birthday* and 2) I love to share embarrassing stories about myself. Who doesn't?

So this morning, I had Darien with me at the elementary school, because she starts school late this week. She loves to go visit her old teachers. She went to her first grade teacher's classroom, who was also Krista & Tiara's first grade teacher. We LOVE this woman. She seriously is one of the sweetest people on the planet. So we were visiting, while she should have been starting her class. Then Darien blurts out, "It's my mom's birthday!" So the teacher goes, "Oooh, how nice. Oh, we should sing." So, if you know her, you can totally hear her say this, "Ok, friends. This is Mint and today is her birthday. So, we're gonna sing to her." So, they did. And then she made me this lovely crown. Yes, I wore my crown today and I have to say, I will cherish it forever. Thank you Mrs. K! And thank you to everyone who already wished me a Happy Birthday today.


Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Girly.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I almost didn't even look at your blog tonight. I like to pace myself, too, so I can be surprised in the morning. You do realize you look more like 12 than 36 in that picture. And that's a Darien pose if I ever saw one. Or maybe she got it from you. ?? Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you old broad, you!
Bestest Mom Ever (can't ya tell?)

rachel said...

happy birthday again!
Let's see; myspace, text, blog...
Oh, I'll go email you now!

Anonymous said...

The crown looks good on you! And, I agree with your don't look 36.

Hope you had a happy day.

Your Favorite Aunt


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