Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mother of the Year - Not

First, just a quick note about this card. I thought I'd post it quick before I realized I don't like it. It's one of those things where I am just so pleased with myself for doing something different, but then am just kinda unsure about it because I've stepped out of my comfort zone. I like my comfort zone. It's so comfortable. I think maybe I'm lost cuz there's no pink or brown in it. Oh, well. [Oh, yeah. I also totally stole this layout from Nichole's blog. Ya gotta scroll waaaaay down. Ok, read on.]

Now, on to the latest happenings here in adventureland. You know how when your kids are in school and they have those vision & hearing screenings? Well, this is my 10th year at my girls' elementary school (wow!) and for the last couple of years I've volunteered at these things off and on, but mostly being a supportive cheerleader for my friends who are always there (hey, Ang!) Anyway, they've always just been something to do, not something to do with me. So at this last screening, I find out that the eye guy recommends Krista (of course, it has to be Krista) for glasses. Okie dokie. So I took her in and you know how they say, "read the top line"? I don't know how many lines it was before she could actually read one, but my heart was breaking. I had no idea that my child couldn't see. What kind of mother am I? But I did ask her when the doctor was done how she's made it this long without being able to see? And the doctor said, "what does she have to compare it to? she can see, she just didn't know she could see better." Good point. Takes away some of the sting, but still. The good thing is she wasn't upset about needing glasses and she picked out some really cute frames. Of course, because it is Krista, we had to get the super-amazing-indestructible-fire-resistant-gps-enabled glasses so when she loses them, sits on them, or throws them away (or mom accidentally washes them, like the chocolate kisses I just gave a good cleaning) we can immediately find them. Aren't kids great?

Stamps: Beautiful Blooms, Women of Life (Papertrey), Jumbo Swirly wheel (SU!), Ink: Palette Prussian blue, Paper: Aqua Mist (Papertrey), Night of Navy (SU!), Accessories: scallop scissors, Marvy scallop punches, Sakura glaze pen, tiny hole punchy guy


Stephanie said...

I love the card and the colors too. I think you are a rock star of a mom. All my kids got glasses this year and me too. How is that for being a bad mother?

Anonymous said...

I love the card, too!

And, I went through the same routine with my youngest...don't feel bad.
Your favorite aunt!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE this card. The blues are soothing and the fluer-de-lis looking thingie is way cool. Good job!
Bestest Mom Ever

Shellie said...

I think your stuff is great in or out of your comfort zone. And no son has needed glasses for a year now and we haven't managed to get them yet. Soon very soon he will be able to see better :-)
We do what we can for our kids- They know that.


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