Thursday, March 27, 2008

Leaving Las Vegas

Hey there. I realize that in my last post, I didn't make it clear that we were in Vegas while Shawn had the flu. That's probably because I didn't want to broadcast to the world that we weren't home. Anyways, that's why it sucked. Well, I mean it sucked that he had the flu, but it sucked double bad that we were on vacation and he missed the whole. entire. thing. For instance, he missed this:

(Click to enlarge pix)

My dad (isn't he the cutest?!), me & my step-mom,
the spitfire. For the record, yes, this is the one
who suggested Frizzetta. We love him anyway.

And this: As promised, Krista in her glasses. Yeah,

she's still gorgeous. We're inside the Venetian, btw.

And this: The only shot I have of all 3 girls, I think.

Payton. Isn't he just delicious? This is my nephew

and one of the reasons I almost didn't come home. *sigh*

Reason #2. This is Jordan, my other nephew.

Yeah, he's awesome.

So, that's been my week. It's so nice to be home & back in our own beds. And, yes, Shawn is doing much better now. He just needed to be home. Boy, did I miss my stamps. Isn't that sad? Ok, next time you stop by, there should be something crafty to look at.


Anonymous said...

Awwwww. Cute dad, cute stepmom, really cute nephews. And don't tell Krista: she looks really cute in glasses and wow, so much older!
Bestest Mom Ever

Stephanie said...

glad that you are home.


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