Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thanks, Part Dos!

Ok, this looks better to me. More finished. The scallops aren't just lying there. I really am too anal about these things. This is supposed to be relaxing. *sigh* I just have to really like this card since I have to make a bunch of them. A big thank you to those who have already donated to my team for the walk. Ok, and this is for the people who don't actually read my blog, but just come to look at the pretty pictures. No, I haven't lost my mind by posting the same picture twice. It's different. And look, I made it in other colors.

Ooh, wow. Yes, very nice.

I have pink coming, but I'm waiting for my Papertrey paper. Eeeek! So excited. And yet, so sad. K, that's all you guys get. Tia's home with a fever and I'm just whipped. Yeah, yeah, sick again. Welcome to my life. Oh, yeah. Krista got her glasses today and was honestly surprised that she could see. She hasn't taken them off she likes them so much. Almost fell down the stairs cuz she's still got to adjust to them, but they're great. And so cute. No, there's no picture. This is Krista. She doesn't do pictures. Maybe I can sneak one. If I get all 007 and get one of her, I'll post it for your viewing pleasure.

K, cuz I'm lazy, the supplies are the same as below, just different colors. Aqua Mist, Chocolate Chip, Night of Navy and Certainly Celery. ta-da!


Anonymous said...

Yep, gotta love the cute little peek-a-boos in the scallops! Kinda like lace!
Bestest Mom Ever

Anonymous said...

Amazing what a little peek-a-boo can do! Love it!
Your favorite Aunt

Stephanie said...

Love it!!!!

Eva said...

Awesome and elegant. The love design and the color combos!


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