Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Luncheon Invites

Alright, ladies. Here it is. Our luncheon invites. Yeah, see this is another example of something that I've looked at so much, I'm no longer crazy about it. But to be fair, I wasn't all that crazy about it in the first place. I was trying to link all these different pieces together with it, and this is how it worked. Our theme, our school colors and just making it look appealing. This is it. It's just the one piece, no inside or anything. I know there's a word for that, but I'm having this huge brain fart right now and it's just not coming to me. Anyways, I'm not sure what made me think vellum was a good idea, but adhering it to the paper posed a good sized challenge. FYI, vellum adhesive sticks well enough, but you can also see it after a while. Ack! 48 invitations later and I'm so done, it's not even funny. I think, for the first time, I'm going to explain the process, so people like Dana don't have to pull it apart once they get their hands on it. This is simple kids, anyone can do it.

First, I printed the info on regular old vellum paper in my printer. Easy peasy. Then, I cut those bad boys up with my handy dandy cutter. Just so you know how anal I'm not, I never measured a thing. I just eyeballed the size of the vellum, and guessed how much Teal I wanted around the edge. Believe it or not, they all came out pretty much the same size! I know, right?! K, then I stamped the white flowers with that fancy Stazon white ink. When I was doing my rough draft, I used my Colorbox white ink, but it wasn't as dark as the Stazon. Then, I mounted the vellum onto Taken with Teal CS. Ya still with me? I'm almost done. K, I then mounted all that onto my cuttlebugged white cardstock. Finally, I got out my little Stardust gelly pen and filled in the flowers. The reason I mounted the whole thing and then filled in my flowers was so I wouldn't chance smearing the pen when I mounted the vellum. It just goes a little faster when you're not waiting for something to dry. What's that you say? Good question. I stamped the flowers first for 2 reasons. One, that ink dries almost instantly and two, in case it goes over the edge of the vellum (which it did more than a few times), it doesn't get on the teal cardstock. See, you guys think I'm mostly a scatterbrain, which I tend to be quite a bit. But sometimes, I actually put a little thought into certain things. And, I've learned through trial & error. So, there you have it. Wow, that was a terrible tutorial with plenty of random rambling, but isn't that why you visit me?

Stamps: Piece of Cake (Papertrey), Ink: Stazon white, Paper: vellum, Papertrey white, Taken with Teal (SU!), Accessories: Sakura Stardust gelly pen, Cuttlebug, my printer (woohoo!)


Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh, now I have a brain fart from reading all that. You totaly lost me but that is okay. I have had this killer headache for a while. Dana thinks I am dehidrated. Any way I love the card and the colors. Do you like to mass produce??
Happy card making.
I didn't go to Michaels, I new I would get lost and never want to come out. I love that store.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of work. Looks great, tho. Love the little flowers.
Your Favorite Aunt

Anonymous said...

Wow. And you did all that 48 times? Are you nuts? After 3, I'd have lost interest and never finished. But the results are stunning. I like the redacted part, ha ha. OK, I'm surprised I even pulled that word out of my old brain.
Bestest Mom Ever

Dana said...

I am not going to take it apart to see how you made it. I wanted the embossed paper for another project - that's why I didn't want it stuck together.


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