Monday, February 9, 2009

It's All Me, Folks

Wow, I was sitting here trying to think of something witty to write. Just so happens, I'm tapped out. I was going to point out that this is the billionth time I've used my Raspberry Tart paper, but since I'm not about to quit using it any time soon, I thought that would be silly and pointless. So I thought I'd just let you guys in on some random stuff about myself. Nothing too exciting or over the top. Or too revealing. Don't want you guys to know what a dork I can be. Although, just doing this is probably letting you in on that fact. K, let's get started.

* I can wiggle my ear. Just my right ear. The girls are constantly fascinated by this. They can all (all? yeah, i think they can all do it now) make their nostrils flare. Not really something I aspire to be able to do, but they can ALL do it. They take after their dad. Since I'm the only one with the ear thing, clearly my talent is superior to theirs. heh.

* I have a head full of gray hair and I hate it. It started when I was 20 and has gotten progressively worse. Since I was pregnant with Darien then, I guess hormones are to blame. Some people rock gray hair - my step mom, George Clooney. Me? Yechhh! I dye it, but it doesn't take. It always lasts for shorter periods of time. I'm down to, maybe, 2 weeks. I AM Miss Clairol.

* In the 9th grade, I went to a Performing Arts/Smarty Pants high school in Detroit. It's called Cass Tech (i think Diana Ross went there. {is that right, mom?} i do know Carlos Santana went to my high school in San Francisco). Anyway, it really was like Fame. There were people playing instruments in the hall, some singing, was pretty cool. But there was nobody dancing on the tables in the cafeteria. Bummer.

* I didn't drive until I was 25. Yeah, I grew up on public transportation, people. Shawn was finally forced to teach me when we moved to the 'burbs. Um, can you say brave?

So there you have it. My fascinating life. You're on the edge of your seat, aren't ya?

Stamps: Baroque Motifs (SU!), Cloud 9 Birthday Sentiments, Ink: Versafine Onyx Black, Pink Pirouette (SU!), Paper: Pink Pirouette, Basic Black, Raspberry Tart (SU!), Accessories: Black satin ribbon (PTI), pearls (K & Co.)


Anonymous said...

Mint: you are too, too funny! I'm sorry to hear about the grey hair, though. My hair turned a shiny platinum blonde. (I'm not ready to be platinum!!!) And the ear thing is too funny. I knew about all the rest. (of course)

By the way, I love the card! Love the saying...

Your Favorite Aunt

Anonymous said...

Yep, Diana Ross did go there, as did Donald Byrd and Ellen Burstyn and Lily Tomlin and lots of others. You were with a celebrated crowd. OK, those folks were a little before your time, but it's still a rocking school. Go to to see other famous and infamous alumni.

And I like the Raspberry Tart thing going on. I see your watermark is creeping up a tad.

Bestest Mom Ever

Stephanie said...

love the card and learning a bit about you. you make me laugh.


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