Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year

Wow, 2010. Happy New Year to you all.  Where did the time go?  Time can be a funny thing. Normally, I don't pay attention to the big picture of time.  20 years since I graduated from high school, 18 years with my husband, 16 years since I had my first baby.  Eh, life stuff.  Don't look back, look ahead.  I'm more like, the right here & right now time kinda girl. Gotta get up at 5, have an appointment at 4, need to leave by 3:30...that kinda stuff. But with the start of a new decade, all anyone talks about is the decade that just went by.  So it makes me think, wow, a decade? What was different 10 years ago for me?  Um, well, I only had one child in school, a toddler and a newborn.  We even walked to school.  Now, I've got 3 girls in 3 different schools and I'm a driving fool all over the place.  10 years ago, I still believed in cleaning my house incessantly. Ha, what a foolish girl I was!  Which leads me to another big difference from 10 years ago.  I had no stamps.  *gasp!*  I know, right?  I can barely imagine what life was like before stamps and ink.  Cardstock and ribbon that coordinate.  My beloved Scor Pal.  Stampin' Up, Verve and Papertrey.  Oooh, Papertrey. How I love me some Papertrey. Blogging.  Making Christmas presents for teachers, friends and family?  Never.  Copics?!  o.m.g.  Don't get me started on my Copics.  Aaaaahhhh.  Yes, it has been quite the decade.  I mean, don't get me wrong.  There were other memorable things.  Girls losing teeth, learning to walk, getting haircuts, starting school.  Yes, these are all momentous occasions, but stamping...come on.  That's big!  Would you be here if all there was to read about was Tia losing, probably her 7th tooth since school started? That's a true story, by the way. The girl is thisclose to being on a soft food diet.  It's crazy.  She's losing all her teeth at once and her 12 year molars are busting through. Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! Ok, so yes, my most loyal readers {hi, mom!} would be here for that, but I wouldn't even find that fun and these are my kids!  Ok, enough blabbering.  So, even if your last decade rocked, I hope this one rocks even more.  Have an awesome day, year, decade!

Stamps: Birthday Surprise (Verve), Image: Fairy Tabia (Mo's Digital Pencil), Ink: Chocolate Chip (SU!), Paper: Pink Pirouette (SU!), white & Dark Chocolate (PTI), Accessories: Sweet Blush satin ribbon (PTI), Copics:


Anonymous said...

Adorable card. And, yes, I, too, like to look ahead...mostly because I can't remember things that have gone by. Old age, ya know.

Your Favorite Aunt

Ang said...

I was just thinking about coloring this little cutie. Now, that I see yours, not so sure now. Mine never compare ( completely true ).
Once again another Fantabulous Job!

Hey where's your mom's post ? I don't think I have ever posted without her being here,already.

MintStamps said...

ang, your stuff is great. i don't know why you always say that. we love your cards! but don't compare your stuff to mine. if i compared my stuff to my coloring idols, you'd never see anything i do! you rock, too! =)

and with that new commute, she doesn't always get on in the a.m. she'll be here shortly, i'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Here I am! Long day of busses and trains and busses. Oh, yeah, and my personal favorite, work. I think I remember hearing/reading somewhere that I should be retired by now!!! Whatever happened to the Golden Years? OK, on to better things -- like this absolutely fabulous card! She is adorable, and you copic'd your butt off. Great job! And yeah, I like reading about all your trials and tribulations with the kids and life in general. Never boring to me.
Bestest Mom Ever

Susan Raihala said...

What a sweet, girly card! Your coloring is awesome, as usual!

Ten years ago, I had a two-month-old and my only hobby was reading. My but a lot has changed!

Rachel said...

I need like 5 copies of this card, STAT. It's fabulous. No joke.

So... we have known each other for over 20 years. Decade schmecade! Girl, I think I met you before I had BOOBS. Let's talk changes, huh??

And if this blog was just about lost teeth and cleaning house I'd still read it. Because dang, that's what my blog is about! :)

Henry is trying to work out a coffee date with us. What do you say? Up for some catching up at a mini-reunion? :)


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