Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back to School!

I'm wondering if it's a bad thing to be excited about our girls going back to school. Today was their first day back, and I did the tiniest little happy dance. Not in front of them, mind you. That would be cruel. It was actually just in my mind, but it happened, nonetheless. I do have to add that by the time it sank in and I actually thought I might enjoy myself, it was time to pick them up. I would just like to know who's bright idea it was to have the first day of school be a half day. What kind of sick joke is that? Ha ha, you get your life back! But only for 3 hours? Oh, come on. And out here, we have minimum release Wednesdays, which I surely don't remember having growing up, but it seems to be the norm nowadays. An hour earlier, just because it's Wednesday? Sheesh, for all the time they're actually at school, they may as well be home schooled. Teehee. Just kidding!

So, Darien's first day of high school was pretty bad. It just seemed that everything went wrong. The lunch times are confusing - there are 2 times, and they never really made it clear which lunch you have. So, today she had 2 lunches and missed her math class. Great. And they have the even/odd days, where you only have 3 classes a day. Confusing. Then, they moved one of her classes, but didn't make an announcement about it. It's a good thing she thought no one else looked like a freshman and asked someone. It took everything I had to convince her that in a month, she'd love it. Really. She was just amazed at how different high school is from middle school. Yeah.

Well, the other girls had a pretty good first day. They both have great teachers and are looking forward to a pretty good year. And since it's a new year with new backpacks, I thought I'd make them some name tags for their backpacks. Yes, I asked Darien if she wanted one and she passed. Shocking, huh? Not a lot of thought went into these, since I wasn't sure how long they'd last. But they end up having their backpacks outside, mixed with other classes, so I thought the tags might help out in the beginning. Well, here's to the beginning of a new school year. And our first traditional school year. Day one is officially over. I'm goin' to bed.

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