Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Hello, kids. K, first off, I just want to wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day (now that it's over!). I hope everyone was spoiled rotten today, since that's how it's supposed to be. The other 364 days of the year, it can be a thankless job, I know. But today, somebody appreciates you. Now, the reason there's no card up there is because this is what my desk looked like for a couple of days. Yes, friends, I have jumped on the unmounted bandwagon. Why? I was running out of room! I'd show you my cabinet pictures, but I only have before ones and what fun would that be? When I take some after ones, maybe I'll put them up. But this is what all of my stamps look like unmounted. The CD cases in front are my stamps off of blocks. Some cases have more than one set in them, cuz the sets are soooo small. Believe it or not, all the blocks and empty SU! cases you see are not even all that I have. I had about another 10 cases on my other desk and blocks everywhere. Tia thought the blocks were big fun and had stacked them all over the house. But what she failed to realize was that she couldn't just set them down any old where, cuz one side of almost every block was super sticky from the glue. Man, I had sticky spots in my carpet, on my table and on our ledge. The ones on my desks I did myself. My bad. So, basically, I made tons more space (more stamps!) and I can see everything I have, cuz I reorganized the whole area. *sigh* Feels so much better. Oh, so that means I have been working on some things, but my lone finished project I can't post now, cuz it's Stephanie's birthday card, and she's going to have to wait to see it. But I can say, it's one of my favorite cards that I've done in a while. So cool. Ha! That oughtta drive her nutty til Thursday! Sorry, Stephanie. I love ya, but you've gotta wait.

Have an awesome week, everybody! As soon as I have something to post that's not top secret, I'll let you know.

Mess: my desk, courtesy of me


Anonymous said...

Michael's has nothing on you! Wow, that's a whole lotta crafting, and that's just the stamps! Minus those that Tia glued to the carpet.
Bestest Mom Ever

Anonymous said...

Wow! You're mom's right, that's a lot of crafting. But it's all worth it when you get a card like I got for Mother's Day. It's BEAUTIFUL!!!! And, I thank you so much. It's the only one I got.
Your Favorite Aunt

Stephanie said...

I think you have a few stamps. Yeah for me, I get a pretty card. Thanks agian for the beautiful Mother's Day card. ;)


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