Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day

So, for Father's Day, I found this thing online where they were having "live museum day" at the USS Hornet Museum. Shawn loves all that kind of stuff, so we surprised him and took him. It's this lovely aircraft carrier that you see in the picture above. Yeah, we had some grumbling, but I told them to cork it cuz we're doin' it for dad! And they did. For the most part, anyway. FYI: The USS Hornet was the prime recovery ship for Apollo 11. In other words, when those guys splashed down, this was the ship that picked them up. Pretty cool.
Here's Shawn in the cockpit of some flying thing. I don't know. A jet? Hey, I wasn't taking notes! Just think Top Gun. It's something he's always wanted to do. Now all he has to do is actually fly a plane and his life will be complete!

Shawn & his girls in front of this jet/plane thing. I'm not sure what makes something a jet & something a plane. Size? Can you tell this day was all about him & I knew nothing about what was going on? Doesn't matter. He still loved it. Let's just be glad I remembered to bring the camera.

Just to prove I was there, here's me & the girls. I won't even try to describe what we're standing in front of. Actually, it's more of a helicopter. You know, those big ones? Yeah, one of those. So, that was our day. It was actually more interesting than I make it sound. I just know more about cardstock and ink than I do about military vehicles. Limited knowledge, limited descriptions.

I'll be back before you know it with some cards. Now that's something I know about!


Anonymous said...

Well, at least you guys did something. Bill washed and waxed his truck for Father's Day. Oh well...that's what he wanted to do.
Looks like you had a beautiful day, too. Tell Shawn I'm sorry, I forgot to send him a card. Give him a hug from me.

Your Favorite Aunt

Anonymous said...

Pretty impressive looking boat/ship/carrier/jet/plane/helicoptor stuff, and what a good idea you had! Shawn clearly enjoyed himself as he looks really happy in that picture. Good job, Bestest Wife Ever!
Bestest Mom Ever

rachel said...

Wow, talk about getting over a fear of flying! He's come full circle, huh? Very cool!

Now go make some cards- I'm getting addicted to your addiction :)

Stephanie said...

very cool, what a fun Father's day.


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