Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Chance

Have you ever had a thought that started out brilliant and then later thought better of that thought but then couldn't think of anything other than that thought? K, if you're still with me, then that's what happened here.  I saw this image (again, Mo's digital pencil, but you can only get it for free here) and thought I would use it for my upcoming boy birthday.  Who doesn't know & appreciate Jack?  Coming across something unbelievable fortune for the taking.  I love this image because it shows the unknown for Jack. Of course, we know what's going to happen, but he has no idea.  And to me, it's like life.  We have no idea what's coming and it could be great.  Sure, it might not be, but who wants to look at it like that?  So, anyway, let me tell you where the doubt came in.  I wanted to use the image for a boy I know, but he was turning 13.  Then I thought that it might look a little young for him. I didn't want to offend him, but then I got stuck & couldn't figure out anything else to use.  I mean, I really couldn't. It was like my brain was blocked from figuring out any other option.  So, I colored the image, printed up a sentiment from my computer (yep, I thought of that. brilliant, huh?) and put it together.  He got it and I have talked to his mom about a billion times since then, but we've both been so distracted by life that I keep forgetting to ask if he chucked it as soon as he opened it.  Oh, looking at the card I was reminded that I need to give Krista some credit here.  I had the card pieces sitting on my desk how I wanted it laid out. I got a phone call, and while I was on the phone, she moved the pieces around and made it look like this.  This is so much better than how I had it.  So thank you Krista! And Happy Birthday, Chance.

Image: Mo's Digital Pencil, Sentiment: computer generated, Ink: Vintage tea dye (PTI), Paper: white, kraft & Ripe Avocado (PTI), Accessories: Copics:


Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

Pretty card! That is a nice image, with a lot of uses. I like your coloring scheme!

Anonymous said...

Love the card, especially the sentiment. Great card for a 13-year-old boy.

Your Favorite Aunt

P.S. Nice job, Krista!

Anonymous said...

How could he not like it? It puts such an image in your head of the wonder of it all. The colors also work really well, and go Krista on the layout!
Bestest Mom Ever

Ang said...

I checked her to see if you posted it so I could comment..Did you post it before you left ...I swear I checked while you were gone .
Ok.. I'm not joshin' when Chance opened it... He went , "ooohh". Like the oooooh awww, kind. Then he said, that's nice . You know Chance, not an outward emotional guy. I got no sound effects or any comment on my card I made. Our funny kids ! Love what Krista came up with :o) Thank you so much for the great card.


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