Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, You Teenage Boy

Ok, I just wanna say that teenage boys are officially the hardest to make cards for. I know, I do tend to grumble an awful lot about making certain cards, but this time I mean it. I had no idea where to even start for this one. I thought I would just find some boy-like paper for the background and slap 'Happy Birthday' on it and call it a day. I mean, it's not like he's gonna look at it, right? So, off to Michael's I went. I can't even begin to tell you how clever I thought I was when I found basketball paper. Darn right clever, because that's what we bought him - a basketball. It was on his list, so we did what we were told. But how in the world would I use paper with basketballs all over it? What color cardstock would I use? In case you hadn't noticed, I tend to be matchy-matchy with my cards (I'm working on breaking out of that mold) and I don't have that color orange. Plus, I just used orange! The world hasn't gone topsy-turvy, has it? So, as a back up, I thought I'd get this here denim paper, perhaps for future use. Mmhmm. So I got home and I was bound and determined to use that silly basketball paper. I sat & stared at it for, like, a gabillion hours. Then I just gave up & went to the denim. Well, you can't really just slap 'Happy Birthday' on that one. We don't need to get carried away with the boring. So, I thought, hey, a pocket would be cool. Of course, he's gettin' a basketball, so nothing's going in the pocket, but wouldn't that be cool? Um, but now I needed a prototype for a pocket...so I scoured Splitcoast and found this card. Why I didn't just go look at one of my 1000 pairs of jeans, I have no idea. Now Mensa will never let me in! Yeah, always thinkin' on my feet. Anyway, after all that, I end up with this. And, for you people who love to give me grief on my nearly perfected nit-pickiness, notice that I even left the boo-boo on the card. I think it lends to the realism. Ok, I just didn't feel like cutting it out again and piercing all those holes and then going over it with my Sharpie. Oh, and you can't see it, but I sponged the edges to make it look darker and slightly dirty. Ok, very slightly. I am still a girl, after all. Phew. And after all that, he opens the card, looks at it and says, "What's with all the pants cards?" Ok, for the record, I saw no other cards with pants on them. Am I missing a trend? *sigh* Teenagers.

Stamps: Lexicon of Love (SU!), Ink: Brilliance Graphite Black (Tsukineko), Paper: Wouldn't you know, I used the part with the maker on the back? But it's at Michael's, and Papertrey white, Accessories: brads (Making Memories), paper piercer, Black Sharpie, clear embossing powder (SU!)


Anonymous said...

Hey, at least he noticed the card! And it is way, way cool. Very trendy and so un-Mint like. Stepped out of the box on this one. I love it!
Bestest Mom Ever

Anonymous said...

I like it! I like denim, tho. And, like your mom said, "at least he noticed the card!" Most boys wouldn't have said anything.

Your Favorite Aunt

Stephanie said...

I think you could use that cards for older guys too


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