Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This is what we did for my mom for her 60th birthday. My aunt had this whole "1948" thing going on in her mind, asked for my help since I'm waaaay closer, and this is what we got. I kinda had this idea, but never went anywhere with it. Plus, I couldn't get something else out of my mind. Remember, on the Cosby Show, when it was Cliff's birthday & they did "Things That Are Older Than Dad"? And, I think, the last one was, "Dirt...is older than dad". Well, it was hilarious on t.v., but probably not so much in real life. So, I took my aunt's idea & did a bunch of research (learned a lot, by the way) and decided to make a poster. I looked up some people who were born in that year (Baryshnikov is definitely one of her faves) and stuck some events up there. Scrabble was invented, as well as the first computer. Hell's Angels was formed and the first astronaut monkey went to space. So, see, something for everyone. The background paper is this awesome SEI paper that I got in Florida at the Disney outlet store (? i know, right?!). The whole Granny's Kitchen collection for, like $9. Tiara helped by placing everything where she thought it should go & by cutting out the '1948' with my Cricut and there ya go. It was fairly easy (just a day to put it all together) and she really liked it. I hope you really enjoyed your day, mom. Happy Birthday.


Anonymous said...

Way to go, girl! I think it's fabulous! You did a great job. Tiara...you, too, girl! What a great gift!

Your Favorite Aunt

Anonymous said...

I have to admit it was pretty awesome. I mean, think about it: both Mikhail Baryshnikov and Steven Tyler on the same page. Whackadoodle! And gas was 16 cents a gallon! That was, of course, before the politicos added all the crazy taxes that help keep it so high. Anyway, the poster is now framed so it doesn't get ruined. Really cool.
Bestest Mom Ever

Mindy Ussery said...

Wonderful idea for your Mom. I followed a link to your blog and I am having fun looking at all of your great creations. I am in the bay area as well ( North Bay).

I would like to award wou with the Kreativ Blog award. You can get the details on my blog. :)


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