Wednesday, August 8, 2007

San Francisco

I love San Francisco. I've always considered it to be my home. Right now, we live in a suburb outside of San Francisco, but I visit it every chance I get. I grew up there, for the most part, graduated high school there, met my husband there and Darien was born there. I love the people, the food (mmmm, chinese), the weather, how there's always something to do or somewhere to go and the culture. The main downsides are the traffic, there's never anywhere to park and it's so very expensive. But I love it and I'd move back in a heartbeat. Of course, I'd have to give up stamping, so let's just pack that little pipe dream away for awhile, shall we?

We left the city to buy a house and to have a regular ole neighborhood for our kids. And we have it. The suburban house, the neighborhood schools, the same friends from kindergarten to high school. We've had it for 10 years. And it's very nice. But it's not San Francisco. Everytime we go back, I take in everything that I miss about it. The smells (ok, maybe not all the smells *shudder*), the buildings, the people, the childhood memories. Even public transportation. It's just so easy. People out here just can't believe I didn't drive until I was 25. First you think, who drives in the city? And then you realize, enough people so that there's no parking spots!

Aaah, the things we do for our kids. Maybe one day we'll move back, when the girls are done with school, or when my husband retires. We'll see. Until then I guess I'll just have to make do with visits every now & then, so I can get my fix of city sights and real Chinese food.
Both pictures were taken at Twin Peaks in San Francisco. It's not usually so sunny up there, but it's usually that windy. This is my husband, Shawn, and our daughters Tiara, Krista & Darien.


Amy said...

what a beautiful family! I found your blog on the forum thread about blogs. I'll be back!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Amy ~ beautiful family. Your site is fun. I'll be back, too.

~ Chris


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